Art by Majbrit Lund, 1978

Artist profile

I paint abstract and modern and you as a viewer are invited to go
on discovery in my abstract universe. My tools are my brushes, spatulas, paint, yarn and beads. I am working
with shapes, lines, strokes, movement and energy.

My everyday life has always been very creative
and I have been painting for as long as I can remember. In 2014 I started exhibiting
My paintings and I have since exhibited in art associations, companies, galleries and
art fairs in Denmark and abroad.

Inspiration for my works
I many different places from, among other things, the beautiful shades of nature,
which is constantly changing in step with our changing seasons.
The pulse of everyday life and the world of animals. The universe is also one
source of inspiration.

I have a studio and showroom in mine
home in North Zealand. It is in my workshop that my paintings take shape. My
The showroom is my playroom and I regularly make exhibitions of my latest
paintings. Everyone is welcome to visit me in my showroom that I have
open by appointment.

Painting is fun and gives me inner peace and new energy in everyday life.

Inspiration Universe

The universe has always fascinated me and has become a great source of inspiration over the years. The sun radiates energy and the light we can see and at sunset or sunrise the most beautiful colors appear. The yellow, orange and orange-red colors are probably the most used in my paintings. The colors put me in a good mood and spread lots of joy in my everyday life. "Tom Jørgensen" wrote about my paintings in the art book "101 artists", 2015 "if there is one word you can attach to Majbrit Lund's paintings, it is movement."

The constellations of the night sky, which originate from ancient times, were then used to keep track of the calendar and navigate according to it, which inspires me and I have named some of my paintings after them. I have named the picture I am standing with after the northern star in the night sky. (Northern Crown) and can be seen when you get close to the painting.

A painting is created

A painting is created
Before I start a painting, I have always thought about what I want to create on the canvas and here it is often the choice of color that is important to my start with the canvas. The choice of color tells us where I am right now, in this mood, mood and outside influences. I love colors, but can also go down into the dark and mysterious and bring out the joy in it. It's all a game to me and a way to let go. I have several paintings sitting in my studio ready to move on. They may be unfinished paintings that have been standing for a long period of time and that I have not been able to move on with. A new day and a new energy means that I take out an unfinished canvas and the energy works and a painting is finished. There is also something completely uplifting about starting on a completely fresh canvas and starting from scratch. Often it doesn't work for me until a few layers have been added. Drying time and patience are the most important things in my work with my paintings. When I enter my Atelier, I move into a bobble and everyday life is left outside and suddenly everything is about the art and creating something new. When I feel a painting is finished, it always comes into the private room, where I observe the painting a few days before it is sold or exhibited. Some paintings are always difficult to part with and therefore I have also chosen some that will never be sold and that will remain in my private possession. This was a small story through the painting's journey from start to finish.