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An art universe full of colours

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Art by Majbrit Lund


THE UNIVERSEThe universe has always fascinated me and has become a great source of inspiration over the years.The sun radiates energy and the light we can see and at sunset or sunrise the most beautiful colors appear.The yellow, orange and orange-red colors are probably the most used in my paintings.The colors put me in a good mood and spread lots of joy in my everyday life."Tom Jørgensen" wrote about my paintings in the art book "101 artists", 2015 "if there is one word you can attach to Majbrit Lund's paintings, it is movement."The constellations of the night sky, which originate from ancient times, were then used to keep track of the calendar and navigate according to it, which inspires me and I have named some of my paintings after them.

Visit me in North Zealand

Where I have a permanent exhibition of my paintings. I always have fresh coffee in the pot and everyone is most welcome to visit me. The gallery is open by appointment and is of course completely non-binding.

Contact me and we will find a day that fits into your/your calendar :-)

Tel: +45 28710970 / Email:
Evening Sun 50x50 cm
Evening Sun 50x50 cm
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