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Mit galleri i Nordsjælland. Adresse: Tammosevej 30, 3320 Skævinge (Åbent efter aftale) tlf: 28710970



Ridehuset i Aarhus d. 26.-29. oktober

My gallery in North Zealand

Changing exhibitions of my paintings

In my gallery you have the opportunity to see my paintings in reality. It may be that you are looking for your next dream painting. Regardless of whether you have fallen in love with a painting or are just out to see what possibilities there are, all visitors are welcome in my Art Studio. I have my gallery in my private home and therefore I am open by appointment.

Always ready for a pleasant visit and there is fresh coffee on the pot. See you

If I am open, the dates will be here.

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2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Politiets kunstforening, København
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Bogense Medborgerhus, Bogense
Dagplejen Nordfyns Kommune, Bogense
Art Danmark Gallerierne, Hillerød 2014, 2015, 2016 
Kunstgården, Bogense 2018 
Galleri Korsbjerg, Middelfart
Galleri Enjoy Art, Næstved 
Kunsthuset, Grædsted


My art is constantly moving in a new direction, not from day to day, but I love to develop my art and create new techniques that help give my paintings new expressions.

In my new series, I have challenged myself a little and my lines, which have otherwise repeated themselves in most of my paintings, I have taken in a new direction. I found it exciting and fun to explore new quirky angles and challenge myself.

A painting is created

Before I start a painting, I have always thought about what I want to create on the canvas and here it is often the choice of color that is important to my start with the canvas. The choice of color tells us where I am right now, in this mood, mood and outside influences. I love colors, but can also go down into the dark and mysterious and bring out the joy in it. It's all a game to me and a way to let go. All sensors are used and therefore after 5 hours in the studio I am completely exhausted. I have several paintings sitting in my studio ready to move on. They may be unfinished paintings that have been standing for a long period of time and that I have not been able to move on with. A new day and a new energy means that I take out an unfinished canvas and the energy works and a painting is finished. There is also something completely uplifting about starting on a completely fresh canvas and starting from scratch. Often it doesn't work for me until a few layers have been added. Drying time and patience are the most important things in my work with my paintings. When I enter my Atelier I move into a bobble and everyday life is left outside and suddenly everything is about the art and creating something new.
When I feel a painting is finished, it always comes into the private room, where I observe the painting a few days before it is sold or exhibited. Some paintings are always difficult to part with and therefore I have also chosen some that will never be sold and that will remain in my private possession.
This was a small story through the painting's journey from start to finish.