I paint abstract and modern and you as a viewer are invited to go
on discovery in my abstract universe. My tools are my brushes, spatulas, paint, yarn and beads. I am working
with shapes, lines, strokes, movement and energy.

My everyday life has always been very creative
and I have been painting for as long as I can remember. In 2014 I started exhibiting
My paintings and I have since exhibited in art associations, companies, galleries and
art fairs in Denmark and abroad.

Inspiration for my works
I many different places from, among other things, the beautiful shades of nature,
which is constantly changing in step with our changing seasons.
The pulse of everyday life and the world of animals. The universe is also one
source of inspiration.

I have a studio and showroom in mine
home in North Zealand. It is in my workshop that my paintings take shape. My
The showroom is my playroom and I regularly make exhibitions of my latest
paintings. Everyone is welcome to visit me in my showroom that I have
open by appointment.

Painting is fun and gives me inner peace and new energy in everyday life.